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Art market today

It has been a worried  economic situation over a longer period now in the world and it has also dark outside in the world of work in several different ways. However, this is not something I have noticed in the case of the art market, where it instead has gone extremely well and it tracks now a very bright future for those who are going to or have plans to open an art gallery. The reason for choosing to buy more and more art is because you simply do not want their money in the form of securities but rather by investing in something concrete and moreover that is beautiful to look at.

While this success occurred as it has also discovered a very big change in the market and the emergence of competition to the existing galleries were little and there in restaurants, cafes, offices, and virtually all possible premises in the form of simple galleries. In addition, increasing trade and Internet-based exhibition forum at a brisk pace.


Maybe something for you?

Maybe just take and open your very own art grid and work as an effective intermediary between the creator of the works and email potential customers who are prepared to invest in them. Whether you want to find a new job, something extra on the side, earning big money or just dedicate yourself to your main hobby so maybe it would be a good idea?

Why start your own?

It’s an unbelievably great freedom that you get when you open your own, and you can pick and choose which artists you want to invite to be on display. You will also get to meet an incredible number of exciting and interesting people such as artists themselves through various events and exhibition openings of either intimate or large scale.

Perhaps you are an artist himself? It is certainly not unusual for the artist opens a gallery and it’s a great way to be able to get close to the customer and actually present more of the board than the little that you otherwise can read the writing patch or in a leaflet.

If you are thinking of starting up an art gallery

If your goal is to open an art gallery that will generate big money and success in the art world, it is important that you except that you have extensive knowledge and a keen interest in art also possess the knowledge of how to.

  • Provide customers and give them what they want.
  • Know how to go about conducting a business profitably.
  • You should also read up on how you can reduce your taxes to maintain as much of the proceeds as possible.
  • It is also important that you know how to do to create the right kind of company.
  • You should also have an understanding of the required permits and insurance and how the next stage seek them or draw they needed.

You will have a great benefit from reading a little extra to start their own.

Another good idea to stand out a little extra can make that a part has already begun, and also offer other activities such as art courses, painting courses, courses on art history and so on. which can function as a magnet for helping to be seen and is well known.

Tips and tricks for starting an art gallery

One of important points is to cut down costs of everything and that includes phones,gas bills etc. One step that we did was to call all customer services for the phone companies and ask for the best line for a small company. We have done some work for you and listed these customer services here:

A good book that we have used when started up our gallery is this one:

You are also welcome to contact us if you have any questions!

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