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A Method That is Helping Artists Get Rid of Hand Sweat

Lately, in magazines and forums related to the life of artists, you could find articles about artists having trouble with hand sweat. A large number of artists admitted that hand sweat was creating a big problem when they were trying to paint, sculpt, and create artwork.

The awareness about this condition is insufficient, but excessive sweating is more common than you would think. On a positive note, it is encouraging that media has lately started to pay more attention to excessive sweating and how it affects the daily-life of, not only artists, but the general population overall.

How are sweaty hands giving nightmares to artists?

The artist that are having problems sweaty hands and wet palms often describe it as feeling like you’ve washed your hands and they can not dry. Sweat in hands causes problems for artists such as destroyed paper and canvas, grip problems for the craftsman, harder control in holding brushes, etc. This problem often intensifies during warmer times, but for some artists, it’s present during the whole year. Wet hands and feet during winter can cause severe thermal problems like subcooling, cold, frostbite, etc. 

Another case where sweat hands are causing problems for artists is having contact with people. Some artists said they were stressed when they would have people come over to their workshop to see or purchase their art. It caused unpleasant situations and anxiety for them especially when they wanted to handshake with their visitors.

In some cases, artists reported that hand sweat hasn’t only affected their work quality, but also their life quality, making it hard for them to hold hands, dance, etc. Sometimes, this condition can lead people to become isolated and alienated.

Excessive sweating isn’t often just a normal occurrence, but it can be a case of hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a diagnosis and a serious life-quality impairing condition that is characterized by excessive sweating in different areas of the body. 

How can you make hand sweat stop being a problem in your art creation?

Lot’s of artists that are affected by hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating think that there isn’t much to do about it, and leave their condition the way it is. When it comes to hand sweat and mostly all types of sweat, sometimes it can intensify if it’s not being treated. 

There is much more you can do to treat sweating rather than just wiping your hands on different napkins and clothing. 

When it comes to the treatment of hyperhidrosis – there are plenty of methods out there claiming to cure sweating. People undergo different surgical procedures and treatments and often left disappointed because the sweat eventually comes back. This is because there haven’t been enough scientific studies that those treatments are a cure for hyperhidrosis. 

When I’ve started to dig deeper into this topic I was interested if there was a way to treat excessive sweating successfully. I’ve talked to people about this, and my friend who is a sculptor told me about the treatment for hyperhidrosis that helped him to create his sculptures without dealing with sweat, called iontophoresis.

Iontophoresis is a medically proven method for the removal of excessive sweating of palms, feet, and armpits. The core concept of iontophoresis is in the effect of a very weak electric current of a suitable frequency and the particles in the water at the areas of the body affected by excessive sweating. 

My friend was struggling with sweat stopping him to get the results of his sculpture the way he intended to. His fingers would glide from the parts he wanted to work on, and his tools would slip from his hands while working. I remember how frustrated and discouraging that could get for him, so I’ve asked him if he has done something about it.

He started using iontophoresis treatment a few years ago, and he’s seen results in only just a month, and since then he only uses it a couple of times a month to retain his great results. He said he’s really satisfied because the machine lasts for years, and he can do the treatments discretely inside the comfort of his own home. 

Another fact that surprised me is the number of our art colleagues that had problems with sweat and found a solution with iontophoresis. We’ve concluded that this treatment is a great solution not just for artists, but for all people who are affected by excessive sweating, and whose life-quality is damaged by it. I highly recommend that you consider iontophoresis if you want to take control of your sweating problem.

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